Hey I’m Julian, a graphic design generalist based in Washington! I'm a current design student at the Western Washington University where I’ve been taught by iconic people in the industry, and surrounded by a small group of talented peers. I’ve been taught a holistic view on Design but I'm particularly interested in Branding, Motion, and UX/UI.
I speak Spanish, Adobe Suite, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. I enjoy all parts of design on/off the screen, whether that’s in concepting, ideation, collaboration, or presenting. I love solving creative problems and learning as much about design as possible.
I'm Mexican (shoutout Guanajuato) and Queer (shoutout Rupaul). I’ve lived a lot of life and strongly believe experiences can be the best references for design. When I’m not staring at my screen I enjoy biking, reading, and conversation. On that note, I hope to have a conversation with you soon!

Thanks for dropping by!
Email: Julian2257c@gmail.com
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